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Welcome to worldbillfishseries.com, where conservative political humor, superior quality, and professional artistry come together. Our products are always original – none of the same old tired stuff found elsewhere. We will never settle for an inferior product. Everything we sell is professionally designed and printed to the highest possible standard of quality.

In the t-shirt world, that high standard can only be achieved through the use of industrial screen printing – the production method we use here. Yet, there’s no shortage of amateurs out there using alternative one-off print methods which simply can’t measure up. At worldbillfishseries.com, we invest in real artists, real printing, and the best heavyweight cotton t-shirts from top brands like Champion and Gildan. The result is a vastly superior product – tshirts the way they’re supposed to be. No cutting corners. No paper heat transfers. No tacky wall clocks or tote bags.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to arrange a refund or exchange. Our shopping cart features state-of-the-art SSL encryption to ensure the protection of your sensitive information. This technology is so secure, experts have calculated that breaking it would require trillions of years of continuous computation.

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Who’s Wearing Those Shirts

From left to right, The InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds, his wife Dr. Helen Smith, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, Drew Curtis of Fark.com, Mary Katharine Ham of Townhall.com, CNET.com Senior Editor Wil O’Neal, and author/blogger Bill Whittle.